Joshua Kronengold

48-38 48th ST 3F
Woodside, NY, 11377

Work Experience:

2001 May
- 2002 Jan
Starmedia Networks, Engineer

Maintained, debugged, and wrote several modules and extensions (including one involving adding a SOAP interface) to an in-house generic registration suite written in Mod Perl, with an Oracle back-end.

Maintained and designed procedures for use of CVS (source-control management), taking a lead role in making the environment controlled and maintainable.

Redesigned and streamlined Apache configuration files

Wrote documentation, both for my section of the project and the main project.


1996 September
- 2001 May
Media Connection/Winstar, Senior Developer
(Media Connection, a high-end web developement and hosting firm, was acquired by Winstar in Oct. 1998)

Wrote web based applications and other programs in Perl, Java, C, and Mod Perl which interfaced with Informix, MSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, DBM, and flat file databases, and produced HTML and other output which made use of (when appropriate) frames, tables, DHTML, Object Oriented Programming and Object Oriented Design.

Produced custom web applications to client specifications, optimizing for compatibility or functionality [using DHTML, Java, Javascript, etc], ranging from complex sites with integrated back ends to simple quick reusable programs.

Wrote a number of integrated not purely web-based applications, such as the server for an internal directory distributor for McGraw-Hill, the glue and maintnence code for an integrated conferencing system, and the client [written in Java] for an intranet-based time tracking system, Clocksheets

Was primarily responsible for the programming behind numerous sites, including, but not limited to Americas Employers, ReloCorp, The Musicbase,, Klik,, and

Wrote code that was staged and used in numerous projects, including a database connection class, a message threading class, and a generic form validator and handler.

Worked with clients to turn concepts into functional and implementable solutions, as well as supporting sales and systems teams.

Configured, maintained, and optimized web servers ranging from Apache(preferred) to IIS to Netcape Server.

Was responsible (though never primary Sysadmin) for locating security holes, maintaining backups, and installing and compiling programs.

Administered, installed, upgraded, and configured linux systems, including integrating linux boxes into a Windows-based network as both servers and clients.

Taught introductory classes in XML and Java.

Tracked down and repaired system and network problems.

Designed, shipped, and maintained an intranet conferencing solution combining internal newsgroups(INN) and associated gated mailing lists.

Wrote object oriented perl modules and java classes for a variety of tasks


1996 January
- July
Eric Marder Associates, Programmer
(Eric Marder Associates is a high-end market research firm)
Wrote programs for facilitating mailing, quality control and analysis. Evaluated new software packages. Performed minor system management tasks, such as account creation and archival. Supported users.


1993-1997 Dorsai Embassy, Volunteer (part time)
(Dorsai is a non-profit public access unix and Internet provider, running Sunos 4.1.3)
Tracked down and corrected unix security and software problems. Compiled, debugged, and installed unix programs. Answered questions and solved problems posed by users. Taught class on running and administrating Unix (Linux).


1991 Summer Metropolitan Transit Authority, Programming Intern



Three years at Hunter College.
Major: Computer Science.

Graduated from Stuyvesant High School in June, 1990 (with SAT's of 800M/730V)

Relevant Skills:

Thoroughly familiar with the Internet (and on the net since early 1991).
Can learn to use packages quickly, either through experimentation, or by a once-through of manual.
Good interpersonal skills.

Computer Skills:

Systems: Unix(Sunos, Solaris, Novell, BSD), Linux, NT, Windows(2k,NT,9x,3), Dos, VM/CMS, Macintosh, VMS, Linux.
Languages: Perl(very strong), Java, C/C++, SQL, Pascal, Lisp, Shell Programming, HTML, JavaScript, XML, XSL
Databases: Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Mysql, Postgresql, Msql, MS SQL Server, MS Access.
Other Technologies:Emacs, vi, RCS, CVS, Mod Perl, Apache, CGI, VNC, Jserv, Tomcat, ASP, Majordomo.


Sun Certified Java Programmer

References Available on request.