Joshua Kronengold

Title: programmer, gamer, pagan, Jew, Fan
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Joshua Kronengold was born in NYC, raised in NYC, and still lives in NYC (though to lower costs, he's moved to Sunnyside, rather than Manhattan).

He is currently working full-time at Cheetah Digital ( His resume is here

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Hobbies & Interests:

    Fencing(SCA and Classical; I haven't done this for a decade, mostly, alas)
    CCGs(Shadowfist (the best CCG ever made), ONTE (wierd, but good), INWO (broken, but fun anyway), and XXXenophile
    Science Fiction and Fantasy (Fandom, Books, even visual Media)
    Dance(SCA, Ballroom, Regency)
    Games (LARP, RPG, board)


A few things: I'm a default democrat, though I've crossed party lines occasionally. I'm very strong on civil liberties, and care a lot about that (and have been a card carrying ACLU and CBLDF member), but weaker on questions of taxes, gun control (which is and isn't a civil liberty matter), and public spending.

I also think our voting system is deeply broken on a game mechanic level, and would really prefer to go to an australian ballot system...or even better, direct democracy with proxy voting (or some combination).

Other parts of my site:

    Miscelaneous pics, unlabeled.